Bound to be milked

I am strapping slave 0 down in a milking position. He is wearing a latex body that gives me perfect access to his genitals. His legs are tied apart, he is gagged with a blow up gag and an his hands are tied to the handrail. I then check his exposed balls from behind to make shure they are full an he is ripe for milking. When I am satisfied I take a leather strap, tie it tightly around his balls and pull them back hard. I tied the string to his collar exposing his penis for me to enjoy. With my black latex gloves I stroke and tease his member. I squeeze it between my fingers. Then I grab his balls with one hand and milk his hard dick with other. With a few hard pumps he shoots his load all over the floor. Such a power rush to own his genitals, his sexuality and to make him cum in any humiliating way that I can dream of.


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