Rapture – False_Alarm

Rapture – False_Alarm

Cat Woman & Bat Girl arrive back at their lair to find their security guard sitting pantsless & jerking off. He knows that he’s not supposed to be jerking off without their permission, so they decide to punish him. They strip him of his remaining clothes, and force him to lay down on the floor. Cat Woman strokes his cock while Bat Girl teases him by putting her pussy on his face. The girls take off their clothes & decide to switch places. Cat Woman sits down on his face while Bat Girl sits on his dick & starts to fuck him. After a few minutes, Cat Woman wraps her muscular legs around his neck, and gives him a good squeeze. The girls tease him & really work him over until the security guard can’t take it anymore, and cums everywhere. Hopefully, he has learned his lesson.

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Resolution :1440 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:15:00

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