728 Ill Be Your Last Sin

Here you play a secretary of an old age home where 4 men have listed you as beneficiary in their will. When they leave, you get 5 million dollars from everyone! The clip contains 3 fake cumshots and then one real cum shot at the end. Whatever time length is fine to accomplish this scenario. The script is below:Scene 1 – Fake cum shot:You are sitting at your desk wearing the same outfit, hair, and makeup you did in Fuck My Face IV Slutty Bimbo Secretary.You are holding a piece of paper reading names out load saying “1 million, 1 million, 1 million, 1 million, 1 million. MMMMM 5 million!” You are getting very excited thinking of all that money! You rub your tits thinking about this. You then get up and walk to the first room where the first man is lying in the hospital bed. You are very arrogant and not smiling as you stand over him. “You like my BIG tits? I want your money.” As he lay in bed, you tit fuck him until he erupts with fake cum all over the place and he goes…..After he fake cums, you say 1 million very arrogantly. You then get up and walk out of the room into the next hospital room.Scene 2 – Second fake cum shot:You walk up the bed and stare down at him “Give me your money. No?” You then deep throat him very slowly until he fake cums, dripping out from your mouth like this.You say, “1 million” very arrogantly as he goes….. You get up and walk to the next room.Scene 3 -Third fake cum shot:You slowly walk up to the next patient and stand over him like this.“I want your money” you say. NOW. You shove his big hard cock between your tits and just leave it there. You doing tit fucking scene with plenty of deep thrusting would be fantastic! You tell him how stupid he is and tell him how your gonna spend all his money. He then erupts fake cum all over your big tits as you keep talking about his SEXY money. You then walk out the door to the next room.Scene 4 – REAL cum shot:You walk up to the fourth man and don’t say anything. You then smother him with your big tits. You feel him getting very hard.Very arrogantly you say “Im gonna suck the money out of you”. You then deep throat slowly many many times until he cums.You then say “FIVE MILLION DOLLARS” very arrogantly as you squeeze your tits and slowly walk out, pleased at what you have done.

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