Ballbuster Bastienne – Post Orgasm Severe Ball Crushing After Milked Dry by Venus 2000

I’m having more fun with the Venus 2000 milking machine! I’ve combined it with one of the ball crushers I’ve made, for optimal squishage. Watch me giggle along with my submissive, knowing that his smile would soon fade. Sure I milked him dry and let him release his full load, but at what cost? Every turn of the screw tightens that top plate down harder and harder against those weak balls. Every masochistic nod that he gives me while he’s full of cum is another cubic inch of pressure he’ll have to endure when his balls have been drained. After the twinkle of arousal has left his eyes, the searing pain is left standing alone, gloriously pulsing panic throughout his spent body. I take these moments for myself, to laugh at his foolishness and savor his excruciating pain until I’m ready to finally release him.


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