Today is the day. Goddesses Tangent and Sydney bring their captive couple together for one last time. Miles has been bound and gagged to a chair in the dungeon. Natalie has been tied up in her holding cell for weeks. The two have been separated for weeks. Their reunion won’t be a happy one though. As soon as Natalie joins Miles in the dungeon, she gets tied to a bench with easy access to her ass. Tangent wastes no time as she puts a big strapon on and starts fucking Natalie in the ass, with Miles watching helplessly. Instead of being able to save Natalie, he gets to suffer through Sydney abusing his cock. Sydney gets him to the point where he’s about to cum, but she prefers to let him go with blue balls. It’s not the reunion the couple was hoping for but at least they still got to see each other one last time.

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