Astro and Lola – Cow in Detention Box

Lola demonstrates to Astro the new detention box. The milking machine is being experimented in an automated tease mode. The cows head is placed in a box and pornography will be shown to the cow on a screen inside the box. It will be forced to produce without a teaser! The cow will be locked in the box and forced to watch porn all day. Anytime it gets close to orgasm it simply gets shocked by the software. The girls inspect the milking tube. The girls notice a tingle in their pussy when they sit on the cows chest from leakage current. Lola gives Andy a manual full force shock so Astro can feel the tingle in her pussy. Andy moans into the box. The girls giggle as Andy is edged over and over. The girls then start another drip from a enema bag from a previous Princess. They continue his brain re wire into a toilet. Lola even shoots some snot rockets from her nose into Andys cow mouth. Then it is back for darkness time. Andy is enclosed in the box and all you can hear are moans inside.

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