Ziva Fey and A Double Team HJ Domination

The most jubilant hand queen of the scene Ziva Fey is BACK, and this time, SHE BROUGHT A FRIEND! This is one of the most colorful and epic hand scenes to ever happen in the history of this concept, because it’s just a pure party from start to end! Ziva and A (yep, just the letter A) are besties, and their chemistry is unmatched throughout as they tear the back open, tease, stroke, and even casually converse while stroking the life from the male subject. The stroking and teasing happens, then all 4 hands go on the cock, and it’s too much sensation for the cock, and he unleashes an orgasm that can be heard for miles away! They continue to play with the cock and rub the cum into the body of the male subject, then they completely breakdown and have a raging laughing fit rejoicing in the sensitivity of the male’s cock!
Includes cum recap and post cum angles!!

File Size :729 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:23:55

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