Zephianna – Humiliated fuck slave has to remain chaste

“I should take you along and have you suck on my toes while my stud fucks me.” My god I love using and humiliating lil cucky!! Turns me the fuck on. cucky does WHATEVER I say, licks what I tell him to lick, gets used sexually while I orgasm over and over, and the only thing he gets is and more chastity! I verbalize how HOT it is and how much it turns me on to belittle and emasculate lil fuck mat, and shove my foot deep in his mouth–suck my toes and make him kiss and smell my feet–this enhanced my orgasms!! I climb on his face and fuck it, both with my hot ass and pussy–making sure he slides his tongue deep into my asshole, as my stud will be fucking it later, and I want it clean! I leave sex slave on my bed with my nasty, smelly sneaker on his face and blue balled!

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