Young Goddess Kim – The Victory is Mine!

Video opens with You wearing a strap-on and standing with Your foot on my chest victory posing over me and flexing Your muscles as i’m waking up from a brutal beatdown You’ve delivered to me in a fight I foolishly challenged You to. You step on and pose over me with Your foot on my chest, throat, face, and balls while flexing and gloating/laughing at me in regards to how You destroyed me in the fight (broken nose, fractured jaw, crushed orbital bone, knocked out teeth, black eyes, etc). I’m kicked, stomped, and spat on in between victory poses while You revel in Your victory and my crushing defeat.

Now that You’ve demonstrated Your power and superiority over me you vow to humiliate, dominate, and break me. I have no choice but to submit and obey You. If I refuse You’ll continue beating me to a pulp over and over until I give in to You and You won’t finish me off and put me out of misery until I’ve submitted by worshipping You as the winner and all powerful Goddess that You are. You demand I worship Your muscles, boots, heels, soles, ass, and strap on as You light and then smoke a cigarette. You use me as Your human ashtray, blow smoke in my face, slap my face, kick my balls, laugh at me as I’m worshipping You, and verbally demean me for being too beaten up to worship properly as you revel in my submission.

You quickly go from entertained to bored by my pathetic capitulation so You decide to finish me off. It’s time for my final meal – a combination of the smoke and ashes from Your cigarette, a TON of Your sacred spit and Your strap on. You make me lick Your spit off the ground, then off the bottom of Your boot/heel as You step in it repeatedly, then drink and lick Your spit off Your strap on before You demand I suck You off. You then unmercifully face fuck me over and over again. Making me swallow Your strap on, ash and spit over and over again despite me being in tremendous pain due to the broken jaw You gave me in our fight. You don’t care and demand I beg You and thank You with the strap on in my mouth and a broken jaw.

You keep going until I’m right to the edge of indisposed before You finally accept my submission. You make me finish my last meal by eating Your cigarette butt and the ashes off the ground and off the bottom of Your boot after You spit on them and step on them. You then kick me to the ground to finish me off as You sit on top of me and ram Your strap-on down my throat and pinch my nose with Your strap-on in my mouth until I and keep it in until I pass away. You keep it down my throat for extra long after I’m done just to be sure. Video ends with You wiping Your strap-on off on my face, spitting in my face, checking my pulse, and then getting up to take one final foot on chest victory pose while flexing.

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