You Are My Boy and I Am Your Girl

You Are My Boy and I Am Your Girl

Honey, I have a surprise for you. I guess what you are dreaming about…..

She brought 3 pairs of gloves, these were vinyl and 2 pairs of rubber gloves, my favorite. She was dressed as a nurse, her snow-white robe and high heels. She came up to me and showed me the top of her stockings, I like it. Wow, She began to unfold her dressing gown and I saw her lingerie, red color, black stockings and garters, I know she likes red, the color of passion.
She put on vinyl gloves and began to make “edging game”. She did it so tenderly and passionately at the same time that my cock became bigger and harder. She seemed to be kissing my cock for a French kiss. She teased me with her vinyl gloves, rubbing and licking the head of my cock, drooling and giving me a hand job, she knew what to do, knew what would give me the best pleasures ever …

The clip includes: She changes rubber gloves several times, 3 pairs of rubber gloves are very dense; she affectionately teasing, licking and drooling this hard cock; she also puts a condom on this big cock and gives hand job, slow sucking, licking and drooling; Angel break the condom on the head of the cock to get all the sperm to the last drop, she plays with sperm, inhales the scent of rubber gloves and semen, she fucking like that.

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