Yes Mømmy

Yes Mømmy

Are you ready to be a good boy for Mømmy today? I know you are, but I want to hear you say it out loud, and there’s only one acceptable answer: “Yes, Mømmy.”

I want to hear you vocally express your adoration for Me: don’t worry, I’ll give you the correct prompts, and as you pump Mømmy’s leaky cock, you’ll enthusiastically chant what I want you to say.

You’ll be rewarded for your good behavior with a big, big orgasm for Mømmy, as long as you make it. It shouldn’t be too hard, since Mømmy is the most important woman in your life: the one you love to obey, and hate to disappoint.

Now, I’ll ask you again: are you ready to be Mømmy’s good boy?

“Yes, Mømmy.”

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