Part 1: Slave girl is in a precarious situation. Tied to a chair, bound and tightly tape gagged, she is completely at the mercy of Sydney who is waiting on her other partner Alexis. Alexis caught a slave boy and she’s on her way to show Sydney the fresh meat. Poor slave girl has no idea what’s in store for her as Sydney checks all her ties. Resistance is futile. When Alexis walks in with slave boy, Sydney is impressed. What a fine specimen. His ankles are tied and he’s cleave gagged and the Dommes get both slaves together on the carpet for further inspection. Sydney tells slave girl she’ll have to blow slave boy for the Dommes’ entertainment, but first it’s time for some butt fucking. The Dommes prepare both asses and slowly put on their strapons all the while teasing and taunting both slaves.

Part 2: After butt fucking the slave girl and slave girl for a while, the two Dommes have their slaves tied to a stripper pole. It’s time to take things to the next level. They want to shoot some promo material for the slavers web site and create some ransom videos. It’s media day. The promo videos are fairly straightforward. They explain why these two slaves would make a great addition to any owner’s assortment. After that, the Dommes put on their bandannas and take their so they can start the ransom video.

Part 3: After creating some promo and ransom videos, it’s time for the two Dommes to try out the merchandise some more and put them to the ultimate test. Slave boy and slave girl are tied up with a strappado and with nowhere to go they can only do one thing: raise their asses up in the sky to accommodate the Dommes’ big strap-ons. Both Dommes takes advantage of the open asses and fuck the slaves until they get bored. Pegging at its finest!

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