Vienna – Office Cuck Worships Boss Ass While In Chastity

Vienna – Office Cuck Worships Boss Ass While In Chastity

The office cuckold is hard at work, but still only half done with his reports. Hes taking too long. Vienna comes in to check on his progress. Shes been working hard, too. Viennas actually had to put in overtime. What she needs right now is a really through ass licking from her underling. It always relaxes her and helps her think. The cuckold understands that this is part of his job, so Viennas solicitation comes as no surprise. As one of the most unattractive men in the office, this particular cuck is kept in tight chastity. Vienna inspects his device and determines that it could be tighter, still. The device will serve for now. Vienna instructs the subordinate to lick her ass. While it cleans her, Vienna sips the iced coffee its provided from the morning coffee run. Vienna takes photos of the menial employee licking her ass. She freshens her lip gloss. She has to look great for tonight. Vienna texts her date while the employee gets her ass ready. Shes so worked up, Vienna doesnt want to wait. Vienna decides to head over to Mr. Johnsons office for a fuck. Mr. Johnson is a truly superior male, worthy of her attention. Vienna leaves the cuckold to finish his reports and heads down the hall.

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