Transformed into a female vampire

Transformed into a female vampire

What is this? A mortal in my lair?! How dare you intrude upon a vampire’s slumber. Oh, so it’s eternal life you seek. Well, I can give that to you, mortal man. I warn you though, becoming a vampire isn’t a simple transformation. Everything about you will change. Are you ready?Wow, you sure are changing quickly! Look at your chest. Your tits are coming in nicely – I would say you’re already at a C cup and growing! Your waist is shrinking, too. And look at your hips! They’re getting wider by the second as your ass grows round and soft and shapely. You look so surprised. Didn’t you know that there’s no such thing as a male vampire? All of us vamps are women – busty, voluptuous women! Now you’re becoming a vampire woman too! If you don’t believe me, look where your cock used to be. It’s disappearing right before your eyes as a smooth, velvety pussy takes its place. Go ahead and touch your new body. I will show you how to enjoy the new feminine pleasures of your transformation. I’ll guide and encourage you to your first orgasm as a real woman!

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