Training dick

Training dick

A cuckold maid will learn to jerkoff other men while being teased to an unfulfilled orgasm. While his cock drips he must continue to jerk his training dick tirelessly. Finally when he is teased and ruined and has licked his training dick clean he can be locked back into his chastity belt until his next training session. Then I allow him to genuinely thank me for teaching him how to jerk other men off to satisfying orgasms.

Goddess Melanie is intent on training Her cuckold maid to jerkoff other men. The Goddess is clad in a black latex bodysuit, and has Her strapon on. She slowly starts jerking off the slave until it is about to cum, and then abruptly stops, to ask it to repeat the same moves on Her strapon. The stop and go game goes on for a short time, until the slave erupts to an unsatisfying orgasm, on the Goddess strapon. The Goddess orders it to lick its cum off Her strapon, and thank Her for the earned privilege, by kissing Her ass.


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