Training cuckolds

Do you dream of serving a dominant couple? Then you need to be trained. You will learn how to beg for dick. How to greet Women and show superior Men respect. Then you will be taught how to keep other Men cumming in your mouth and cumming on your face. Finally you learn how to serve as a cuckold footstool for a Dominant Woman. This video is for those who take cuckolding seriously.

Goddess Melanie is taking time to train Her cuckold. Clad in black latex jeans and wearing high heel sandals, She first instructs the cuck on how to properly greet couples, kissing a Woman’s ass, and worshipping Her strapon. She then makes the slave cum while sucking a dildo and barely stimulating its stiff cock with Her crop. Congratulating Herself on a job well done, the Goddess finally relaxes using Her cuck as a footstool…and allowing it the privilege to be ass fucked by a mechanic dildo!


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