The School Nurse

The School Nurse

I’m the school nurse. I’m in My office when My secretary calls to see if I can sign a form to let a student play basketball. I ask the student’s name and agree, telling her to send him to My office with the form. I hang up and smirk that I won’t be “just signing” any forms. It’s going to be a semen eating day because I just love young semen. When the student arrives I take his form and let him know that I can’t just sign it without examining him. I give him a form to allow Me to check him out including his penis and testicles. I remove his shorts and carefully examine his parts (POV Style). I let him know that I will need a semen sample to complete the exam. I’ll have to get it before I can sign the form. I begin stroke and suck his penis. I remove My blouse and pantyhose, taking time to tease him with My feet. It’s time to make him ejaculate. I perform oral sex on his penis until he ejaculates into a small cup. I then swallow his semen and approve his form


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