The perfect ruined orgasm

My pink poodle has been locked in chastity since the last time I saw him more than two months ago. Now, just My presence and being covered in latex (his fetish) are enough to make his dicklet painfully hard in it’s metal chastity cage. I start by teasing him in chastity, making him feel the weight of My body, the warmth of My crotch against his own. I finally remove the chastity cage and, sitting above his face, I slowly unzip My leggings and order him t lick My asshole. This is just too much for his frustrated dicklet and he cums after 25 seconds since I last tickle it with My fingernails. A perfect ruined orgasm, that just kept going on and on.
I am well-known for My ruined orgasm clips, and this one is the best yet.
This clips shows a part of a private play with My chattel pink poodle and was shot with the camera on a tripod.

File Size :560 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:20:49

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