The Holy Trinity- Religious HJ,FJ,BJ Combo with Odette Delacroix

The Holy Trinity- Religious HJ,FJ,BJ Combo with Odette Delacroix

Odette wishes to confess her sins, and seek forgiveness.. She admits she is open and willing to submit to the Holy Trinity.. The Soul, the Mind, and the Body of Christ. As she begs for forgiveness for her wicked ways, she begins to slowly stroke your sacred stick. She will not be forsaken.. She will be forgiven, as long as she proves herself through her healing hands. Possessed by the Spirit of the Sexual Savior, she is being told the son would be pleased if she pleases you with her Soles.. Not just her Soul. She takes your cock in between her feet, and she knows now she has been forgiven! You have helped save her soul. Now Odette must activate the Holy Trinity by taking you into her mouth. She savors each and every inch, thinking long and hard about her sins. Odette finally receives a message from the Lord! If she completes a full Holy Trinity, all three, all at once… She will at last be forgiven and saved. She takes the Holy Fluid and marks herself, she is healed.. And all is finally forgiven. She is SAVED!

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