The Beginning Of A Beautiful Weekend

The Beginning Of A Beautiful Weekend

I’m on a city-break with My chattel purcelus, having just arrived at the hotel, in a room with fabulous views of the sea. My boy has laid out gifts he brought for Me, and now I want him to worship My feet. This is not the first time he has bowed down and kissed his Goddess’s toes today, his lips have been busy showering My sandals with deference eight times in the last three hours, in full public view. Since the day is very hot and the sun scorching, I arrived to the hotel sweaty, and My chattel’s next task is to remove every drop of My divine perspiration. This weekend is going to be long and strenuous on My boy’s cock, balls and ass. Time to get started, as purcelus stinks and needs a unique shower to cleanse his breath and body.

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