SuzannaMax – A Mean Milking

Its milking day and I am wearing My favourite emerald green lace lingerie set for the occasion.
My slave is strapped spread eagled on My milking bed. I am in a vicious mood as this naughty little slut has been caught with his hands down his pants on several occasions without My permission. This miking is going to be venomously cruel……….
I start edging him rather roughly, making sure his foreskin is pulled tightly back revealing his cock head as I chaff My hands over his most sensitive spot.
his body recoils and his toes curl, pleasure and pain courses through him. I hold him on the brink of orgasm over an over and over…….. his moans grow louder turning into desperate cries. I sit on his face to muffle his pathetic whimpers,
I haven’t finished with him yet. his body shakes uncontrollably as I speed up My hand to an even harsher pace…………. just as he his about to climax, I stop. Just before it ca be ruined, just before he can release.
No orgasm allowed, it will sit in his ball sack like the sad disappointment he is. When the realisation hits him, I can see tears well in his eyes!!!!! I laugh!!!!!!

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