Suzanna Maxwell – The Cruelest Caning Part 1 – 1920×1080

Rabbit is about to receive the most brutal beating of her life. Dressed in a sultry black latex dress, stockings and stilettos I make her strip slowly. I take My time humiliating her before I put her over the bench. she will not be restrained, I want to see her writhe in pain, her body desperate to run away but her mind knows better. If she runs I will only drag her back. This way the pain will coarse through all of her, I instruct her to count after each stoke so she can’t drift off into subspace but must remain very much present and aware of every stripe that tears through her flesh… I start with 50 strokes of My reformatory cane on her backside. she cries, sobs, begs and pleads for mercy . I move down to her calves and she screams after each blow. I take My time and savour the noise… this is just the beginning of My brutality!

File Size :301 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:16:19

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