Supremely Anal!

Portland stone fireplace, red velvet heavy drapes, candelabras and rich furnishings!

A most warm and inviting Tudor room with a sumptuous breath-taking Oak four
poster bed, high Oak beamed ceilings and a 15th Century Minstrels’ Gallery.

Oh how one may play within a stunning location set in the heart of London.
With the hustle and bustle of cobbled streets, charming boutiques, patisseries and
coffee houses, decadent restaurants and historic buildings! One may never tell what
lies behind these old enchanting brick walls! Ahhh, I certainly do on this occasion!

Arriving in my full leather coat with lace back detail, leather gloves, leather wrap skirt,
and thigh leather stiletto boots! My crisp white upturned collar provides an austere look,
and as I enter the room, the flames from the fire place flicker providing real warmth.

I demand my slave strips in readiness to receive my undivided attention, and the
large oak table provides the perfect piece of furniture to begin his disciplinary training!

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