Stroke Serum

A lot of guys seem curious about how I got so good with my hands–boyfriends, clients, viewers like you. Like anything else, it takes practice–it takes a love of the art–oh, and sometimes, it takes a special lubricant serum that I concocted myself. Yes, I love giving handjobs and I’m VERY good at it, but my special chemical will make any boy’s penis feel 10 times as engorged, 10 times harder, and like every nerve ending is throbbing with pleasure. It’s like MDMA, for your cock. You want proof? How about a climax almost TOO intense, like this poor fellow?

In this video, Christina talks about a special lube she makes that she claims makes men harder, cum faster, cum harder and ready to cum again, then she applies the lube to her stunt cock who’s bound on a massage table and jerks him to orgasm quickly.

File Size :207 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:04:41

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