Sperm Stealing Supervillainess

Sperm Stealing Supervillainess

You are the only super hero to have ever survived her. She fucked you and you lived, although her breasts still entranced you completely. You awake to find her in your room, straddling you — you’re unable to move. She explains that she has been searching for you ever since you defeated her, she has a plan to bring you down eventually. She wants you to cum inside her, knock her up. When she births a daughter, the girl will grow to be far more powerful than either of her parents. The evil super villainess will train your daughter up to be the ultimate weapon, a weapon that will ultimately be your demise. Revealing her breasts she slips you into a mental stupor before ridding your cock, hoping to squeeze every last drop from your balls into her fertile womb. You know you are creating a monster, a powerful dangerous super villainess, but you cannot stop yourself. With those big breasts bouncing in your face — your cock must obey.

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