Sister’s date

Sister’s date

“In this clip you are wearing a bra and panties and getting dressed to go out on a date. If you could put on a pair of high heels during the clip, that would be perfect. Hey Bro! Guess what? Tonight is a very big night for you! Yeah, all the I’ve been putting you through over the past few months is finally going to pay off for you. That’s right, tonight….you finally get to taste my pussy. Whoa, whoa…don’t get too excited, it’s not what you think….you’re not going to eat me out or anything like that – ever! But, you can get the next best thing, if you’re a good boy. You see, my new boyfriend, Tyrone, has been bugging me to give him a blowjob for weeks now, but his dick is too big. Don’t get me wrong, I love big black cock, I mean, that’s why I’m dating him…nothing makes my pussy cum like a big black cock. But, his is too big for my mouth, it’s just very uncomfortable for me, plus blow jobs are kind of hard work in general, and I’m what you might call selfish when it comes to sex. But, tonight is his birthday and I feel like he deserves a blow job, so, that’s where you come in…that’s right, little bro, tonight you get to suck your very first cock! Calm down, ok? I know this sounds like a lot to ask, but think about it for a second… you are obviously never going to be with a woman, right? I mean, you’ve never been with a girl yet, and you’re so obsessed with your own sister that you’re too fucked up in the head to ever approach another woman. And you’re never, ever, going to get to fuck me, so that basically rules out all women on the planet. But, if you do this tonight, you might actually like it, and this could open a whole new door for you…besides, I’ll be there right next to you the whole time, guiding you and instructing you on how to suck Tyrone’s cock…I always take good care of my little brother, right? So here’s how it’s going to happen…I’m taking Tyrone out to dinner, then we’re going to come back here. After he fucks me and makes me cum 4 or 5 times, then you come in and finish him off. That way, you get to lick your sister’s sweet, freshly squeezed pussy juices right off his big black cock…Tyrone gets his birthday blow job…and I get fucked by a big black cock without having to do any real work myself…everybody wins, right? And let’s face it, you’re not really in a position to say no to me, because if you do I will let the whole world in on your little secret, about how you jack off to your sister and mommy….ok, bro, see you in a couple hours….”

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