Sinn Sage – Got You Just How I Want You (22.03.06)(1080p)

Drake Man O’War is watching a movie and doesn’t see me, Sinn Sage, sneaking up behind him. With hand over mouth domination, he’s knocked out and I’m ragdolling his heavy body. When I’m confident the KO worked, I grope his muscles and offer assisted stripping so I can see his nude body. Using rope bondage, I bind leather cuffs to his wrists and ankles before blindfolding him. Savoring the bondage domination, I take my time immobilizing his helpless body. Stripping my black leotard, I’m ready for a bondage blowjob! My mouth is expertly dick sucking his shaft until he rouses. He’s confused when he wakes up to cocksucking. Hand gagging him and giving a handjob, I tell him to be quiet before using his body for cowgirl sex. My big booty twerks as I’m banging him while hand smooshing. I’m cumming hard and after having my fun, I make him go out again. I give a little dick licking before leaving him bound and blindfolded.

Scene includes: sinn.sage brunette femdom tied forced.blowjob tattooed.female female.dominating.male hand.over.mouth blindfolded.male 1080p

File Size :1.48 GB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:25:14

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