Sinn Sage Dreams – Sshhh The Doc Needs A Sample

Drake Man O’ War is embarrassed to be naked for his doctor’s appointment with Sinn Sage. She doesn’t like his attitude and gives hand over mouth treatment to shut him up as she explains the medical procedure of getting his sperm.
Her hands spread his legs and grabs his cock for a handjob. He gag talks through the hand gagging as she’s dick stroking. He’s confused by the hand smothering but enjoys the cock stroking.
His big dick throbs in her hands but her hand smothering continues. This sexy doctor is in control of her submissive male patient. Eating precum, she deems it a healthy sample.
Sinn doesn’t care if it feels good, she just wants her load. She scolds him for needing help extracting his jizz, but her technique of assisted masturbation is unique. Men don’t trust female doctors, but she’s more knowledgeable than her male colleagues. Stopping her jerking, she has him lie down for the edging games to build up his load.
Her method alters and her voice softens as she admires his large cock. As he cums, she holds her sample cup and gathers up the wet jizz. It makes her fingers wet and she indulges in cum eating to clean the jar.
OTHER KEYWORDS- cum worship, scolding fetish, arrogant woman, arrogant women, female supremacy, authority figures, kink, fantasies, fantasy, role playing, roleplaying, brunettes, all natural
Impatient Patient – Cherie Deville And Sinn Sage
Cunty Caretaker
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