Simone Style, Victoria Rose – Housewives Wrath

Simone has cooked dinner for her husband but he is hours late. She is watching tv with her friend Victoria when he staggers in from the bar and falls asleep on the sofa next to them, without even apologizing for wasting Simone’s cooking. She is upset but Victoria persuades her to get revenge on her husband. The girls strip him naked and get their strap-ons as he starts to wake up. They bend him over the sofa and start fucking him with their strap-ons. Simone finds it very funny that they are fucking her husband in the ass and the two girls take turns to give him a hard fucking. After a while he starts being cheeky to them so Simone sits on his face to keep him quiet while Victoria keeps pounding away at his ass. Simone leans forward and strokes her husband’s cock until he cums all over her hand.

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