She Owns Your Manhood

Lance is hanging out with his step sister, Michelle Peters. He has a hot date with one of her friends tonight. Michelle tells Lance she’s going to give him a back massage, so he’s “nice and relaxed for his big date…” which is just a trick to get his hands behind his back so she can tie him up. Once she has him tied up she flips him over and starts stomping on his balls.

Michelle is sick of Lance dating her friends, and cheating on them with each other. She thought she taught him a lesson when she fucked his ass in “Step Sister Fucks His ass” but obviously he hasn’t learned much….
She just loves smiling down at him while she bounces up and down on his balls. He doesn’t understand why his step sister is so nuts, but there’s not much he can do about it while he’s tied up. She also makes him lick her feet, and tells him that he needs to lick her friend’s feet the same way.

Michelle knows that she makes him horny, and he can’t have her because she’s his little step sister, so she strips down to her underwear and teases him while she torments his balls.The whole time, Lance is worried that his date will show up any minute and see him tied up and getting his balls destroyed by his little step sister, and Michelle doesn’t care. She eventually leaves him tied up to go call his date and make sure she’s on her way…
Michelle returns to Lance. She changed into some grey tights and a tight tank top. She lets Lance know that his date will be arriving soon. She pulls his pants down so she can slap his naked balls. Lance is really worried about his date arriving and seeing him like this.

What Lance doesn’t know is that his little step sister has already told his date that he’s seeing someone else, and he’s a two-timer, and they both plan to teach him a lesson….

Michelle sits right on Lance’s face and smothers his moans while she slaps his balls and plays with his cock. She uses everything she can to hurt his balls: her hands, knees, feet, even her ass bouncing down hard on his naked balls….

At one point she makes him stick his face in her ass while she humiliates him verbally, then turns around to put her foot back in his balls. Michelle eventually hears his date arriving, so she scampers off to get the door, leaving Lance tied up naked with sore balls…

Vanessa Vixon, Lance’s date, shows up to his place to find him tied up naked, and his step sister, Michelle Peters, kicking him in the balls and laughing at him. Lance is incredibly humiliated and tried to explain the situation while Michelle doesn’t stop with the kicking. He soon finds out that Michelle told his date, and her friend, Vannessa, that he’s a cheater, and they had planned this whole thing to teach him a lesson.

They take turns kicking and kneeing him in the balls, teasing him, and humiliating him, letting him know that he’s never going to fuck Vanessa again.

Michelle puts her purple strap-on on, and makes Lance suck it while Vanessa stomps and kicks his balls. Michelle even compares the huge dildo to his cock, and they make fun of how he’s smaller than the fake dick. They even smack him in the balls a few times with the dick that’s about to be up his ass.

They let him know that he’s about to get it in the ass from his little step sister while his newly ex-girlfriend watches and teases him….

Lance’s ex-girlfriend and step sister have him on his stomach. His step sister Michelle pounds his ass with a big strap-on while his ex-girlfriend teases him with her perfect tits and feet. She makes him like her feet while she reminds him that he’ll never get to fuck her again. This is about as humiliating as it gets…

That is until they make him ride the dick while his ex-girlfriend jerks him off. They tease him, telling him to take that cock until his ex-girlfriend finally milks out a full load of cum on her tits. At that point his little sister tells her to make him lick it up, so Vanessa rubs her cum covered boobs in his face. His little sister makes him lick his lips after that while they laugh at him.

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