Sharron Small – Your Pre Cum Makes Me Cum

Sharron Small is wearing a nice high cut leotard, shiny pantyhose and black heels. She masturbating on my futon with a hitachi vibrator. After she makes herself cum once, she lubes up my cock and starts to bring me to the edge. Sharron is a orgasm addict. Once she cums, she just wants more and more. She also gets really turned on by keeping men on the edge of orgasm, and feeding them their pre-cum. So that’s what we did. She makes her self cum over and over, while keeping me on edge. She uses her vibrator on my cock and balls. She has me trembling while she gets herself cum-drunk. She even squeezes my throbbing cock between her shiny pantyhose covered legs. [She seriously kept me on edge for over 10 minutes straight. It was really hard to hold the camera, but it filmed really well] Eventually she lets me cum, all over her leotard. She doesn’t stop masturbating. She just keeps on using the vibrator on herself. All she wanted was to masturbate again while she’s covered in my cum. I was just a tool for her.

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Resolution :854 x 480 MPEG-4
Duration :00:18:33

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