Sexual Harassment, part 2 – Deanna Storm, Megan Jones

Goddess Deanna and Mistress Megan are furious that one of their slave bitch actually had the nerve to ask for a promotion at their Femdom office. The Mistresses decide to show this bitch just how promotions are earned. They call him into their office and order him to his knees. They tell him he has to earn any promotion and they are ready to put him to the test. They remove their office attire to reveal that they both have on strap-on cocks! The bitch is ordered to deep throat Deanna’s strap-on cock while Megan grabs his head and forces it up and down the cock. Deanna rams the cock down his throat until the bitch is gagging, causing both the Mistresses to laugh.This bitch will learn that, in this company, the men have only one purpose – to do whatever the Women want. And they are not done with him yet. They order him over the conference table so his ass is exposed to Megan….

While Goddess Deanna continues making their bitch suck on her strap-on, Mistress Megan starts taking the bitch from behind with hers. The Mistresses have a blast filling up both ends of the slut, laughing as he continually gags and moan from their work. Of course, he has no choice but to take whatever they dish out, because sluts like this one are easily replaceable.

Femdom, Humiliation, Slave Training, Pegging, Anal, Strapon, Anal Penetration in Standing Position.

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