School Girl Work Experience

School Girl Work Experience

Danielle Maye is a sixth form student doing some work experience at a big company. During the placement it becomes increasingly obvious that the boss is sexually attracted to her and she wants to exploit this to her own advantage. She is desperate to ensure a position at the company and has a plan to seduce the boss into giving Dani the position she wants.Dani invites herself around to his house, on the premise that she needs some forms completing by the school giving feedback on her time during work experience.She arrives in sexy school uniform – jumper, tight blouse (no bra), short skirt with a thong underneath, knee high socks and very high heels. She walks straight in and takes a seat, legs crossed, openly flirting. She takes off her jumper and her blouse is unbuttoned to show a hint of cleavage. Acting innocently she mentions she forgot to put on a bra this morning and giggles. Naughtily she asks if you can see her nipples through her tight blouse and begins to fondle them to ensure that her nipples are protruding.The boss is becoming more agitated because he is getting aroused. Dani says that she had a hunch that he has become attracted to her – long stares, checking her up and down in the office especially when she comes over to his desk – purposefully leaning over to ensure he has a sight of that cleavage. This is why Dani comes over…to see how far she can push him into submission making him her plaything and ensuring her role at the company. Dani’s boss adores her body as any red blooded man would and she knows this, she twirls around and shows that incredible body in school uniform. She begins to tell him how much she wants the job… seduces him through a tit worship session. Plenty of fondling through her blouse at the same time asking him to get his cock out and stroke it. Every stroke she loosens her blouse, to allow one of her hands to fondle inside. Dani gets both breasts out, one at a time, moving towards (the camera) and giving him an oil boob show continuously rubbing baby oil into those perfect breasts.She then sees just how hard her boss is getting and teases even more by saying that she knows he wishes I could put my hands on your tits. That’s not going to happen… maybe one day but not today. The boss is getting to excited and Dani notices a pre cum stain on his trousers and would love to see him cum into his own hand. The countdown begins down from ten to explosion…but that is not the end…as a final seal on the deal she ask him to continue to stroke…then to show the produce on his hand… She then slip’s off her panties and gives them to the boss…she tells him to wipe the cum onto her panties…then stuffs them into mouth as the final act of submission.

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