Sarah Diavola – Ruined Date 1080p

Rise and shine! Now that the dizziness is wearing off and you’re coming to, you find yourself tethered to my bed! Your legs are spread and your hands are tied. Your out-of-your-league, stunningly gorgeous date appears between your legs. With a devilish smile.

It was clear that this wasn’t an ordinary woman when you met her, but you’re a man and therefore a natural idiot. I’m a solid 10 stunner, my lips are cherry red and glistening, and your cock is hard. What’s the worst that could happen?

It’s the most insidious thing. Like a parasitic fly depositing something inside of your body and mind that slowly develops into a creature that won’t be stopped. I’m going to turn your sex against you. I am going to take away the only pleasure you have control over: your own orgasm.

This is going to be the most contradictory sexual experience of your life. I have a method that no man can resist, and no cock can stay soft for. The simple fact is that I am The Blowjob Expert. I’m so good at this, your entire understanding of blowjobs gets turned upside down and you’ll be blind from then on. Unable to see any other mouth, enjoy any other tongue, obey any other lips. Ruined.

Ruined in so many ways that you won’t even be aware of for days from now. Weeks. Years. Ruined.

It’s easy to lead you into fuzzy ecstasy, as I wrap my puffy lips around your shaft and roll my tongue along the length… over the head… tickling the edge of the tip… vibrating and nibbling the frenulum.

The way I look directly into your eyes, as if casting a spell, while simultaneously performing the most technically developed oral sex activity on your cock… it’s effortless, and it’s almost scary how nonchalantly I rock your entire fucking world. I don’t ignore the balls, either. They’re all mine. You just don’t know it yet.

A tight, body-hugging little black dress, cut dangerously low over my fire-red bra as my breasts heave and swell, is the perfect vision of a cougar in the club. That’s what lured you in, and you were the good boy who won the opportunity to come home with me. I’m the hottest woman in any room. I stop traffic. I get everything I want. I’m always on The List and I don’t take orders. Men fall at my feet and step into my flirtatious traps, so what do you want to do with me tonight?

What you don’t know is that I’ve been targeting and taking men for awhile. With a purpose. I use men as play toys, and my current game is to ruin all of their orgasms. But I make sure it’s the best fucking sex of your life, so that I can see the most painful fucking denial of your life in your disappointed eyes.

I love the way cum looks when it’s sad and desperate.

I love the personality of a penis, and I want to see what kind of range I can get out of yours.

After edging you, building you, stroking you, sucking you, covering your cock with slick saliva and pulling your shaft between my lips in and out of my mouth, you are shaking and your body is begging to cum. Your cock is used to getting what it wants at that point, right? It’s the natural progression you’ve enjoyed for your entire life so far. That dick is entitled to an ejaculation after all of that teasing, isn’t it? It’s special, damn it!

Sure, buddy. We all know how *suuuuper dangerous* blue balls are and how much you as a man are owed – who could even conceive of withholding that?

Me. It’s my erotic pleasure. It’s my bratty fun. It’s my sexual legacy. I can fuck any cock, any time I want, any way I want. Why not make your mind bend over for me, too? I’m fucking your brain with my mouth.

Watch what it looks like when I let go, look you in the eye, and tell you to cum for me. You will be begging me to touch it with my mouth again. Just a breath. Something! Please! But no. Look at how it blobs out for me. I swear I can hear it whining. Disappointment looks so good on you, whatever your name is.

Once you see one of my artful blowjob conquests, you will see why I’m 200% worth it all.

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