Sarah Diavola – Drained And Blackmailed Before Your Anniversary Date 1080p

Your wife called.

She said something about a special anniversary dinner…? Oh! It looks like you completely forgot about that!

She said she will be here in 15 minutes.

Maybe you should relax, after working all day and with this big wedding anniversary night with your wife later. I feel sorry for you, trying so hard to please her and provide for her. I bet you’d never want to disappoint her. She is your wife, after all.

Let Me rub your shoulders – you seem tense. The pressure of My large, soft breasts in My barely-professional tight and low top feels nice against the back of your neck.

I can feel you shivering.

I reach down your chest with My manicured fingers, caressing you all the way down to your crotch. You jump, surprised and embarrassed at your raging erection! “What are you doing???”

I’m going to ruin you for your wife.
There will be nothing left when she gets here, and it will be too late to hide it.
She will wonder why you can’t get hard for her when she puts her mouth on your cock.

You whimper, “please…please, don’t do this,” but your head bucks back in ecstasy, as I writhe all over your lap and stroke your dick with a mission in mind.

That would be terrible, wouldn’t it? For your wife to find out that you’re getting hand jobs from your secretary? That I’m naked except for silky and lace garters, thigh-high sheer stockings, and a small tight bra between your legs, in the middle of the office, where anyone could walk in at any moment?

You would lose everything.

What a shame it would be, to have your home and your life ruined by your sexpot secretary and Her erotic tricks!

You beg harder. “Please! No, no, no, oh no please no!”

If you cum now, I’m in your pocket. Forever. I will hold this over you and blackmail you for as long as I can squeeze what I want out of you. Drop by drop. Give Me everything I want, and no-one has to find out about this.

There’s a simple way to avoid all of this: Just don’t cum. Resist.

Do you think you can handle that?

But you can’t, can you? Your wife will be here any minute, and she may be even parking her car as I jerk your cock! You’re past the point of no return now, sir. You’d better not cum, because she said she would be here in 15 minutes, 12 minutes ago!

Maybe you still have time to stop Me from hand-fucking your cock and save your marriage, if her timing is right.

But you know her – she likes to come early.

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