Sado Ladies – Lady Johanna – The Five Basic Rules Part

Do you know the 5 basic rules? We’re not talking about the offside rule in soccer or women’s menstrual periods. Road traffic rules also not. As you will surely notice, the entire life apparently consists only of rules and guidelines. There is absolutely no difference in Lady Johanna’s studio.

And it is precisely here that rules are particularly important and enforced with great rigor. But how do you get such rules to an apparently quite fatuous slave, there are at least 5, even so hammered in that he does not forget them again? Hammered in! That describes it quite appropriately. And while our Johanna fucks the willing slave in the dirty ass, he is diligently learning his vocabulary. He needs quite a few pushes until he gets everything on the line. But he tries hard. Can you also recite the 5 rules at the end of the video? If not, there is still a drop of oil on the strap on.

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