Sadist Queen Misha – Sadistic Queen Misha makes him Her Bike Seat

Little did we know how popular our retro 70’s exercise bike would become when we bought it at an auction years back for $3. It has probably given us our biggest return when it comes to equipment, lol. See all the bike clips by clicking HERE. In this scene Sadistic Queen Misha is taking her turn on the bike with her slaves face under her ass. “Every guy wants to be a girls bike seat” she says as she starts spinning. “An hour of this each day keeps me in great shape” she adds.

Disgusted by his flaccid cock she tells him to start stroking it and as he strokes and she pedals he gets nice and hard and is soon begging to cum. You get some nice upward angles of Misha’s sweet little ass. She stops and makes the slave kiss her ass cheeks before resuming to pedal. She gets off the bike and makes him sniff her armpits and then kiss her ass again. She then tells him he will be back in chastity in a few minutes but first she has a surprise for him, she’s going to let him cum. She counts him down from 10 and soon he has a big pool of cum on his stomach and crotch. She tells him to clean up the mess and lock himself back in chastity. “I’m out of here” she adds.

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