Rebelle Hart – I Suck – You CEI

Get ready for a real treat, loser! Watch as I, your perfect bratty findom, pleasure my hot alpha boyfriend in ways you can only dream about. He’s everything you’re not. His huge hard cock gets the royal treatment from my bratty mouth in this clip and all you get is to eat your own cum! LOL!
See me lavishing attention on a real man’s cock, while you can only stroke your sad beta dick, yearning to be in his place. I take such pleasure in taunting you, relishing in your twisted desire to be cucked by a brat like me. Oh, you thought you’d ever get a blowjob from a Goddess like me? LOL! Keep dreaming! No hot woman wants to swallow your beta failure cum.
But don’t worry, you get to play too. When my man shoots his warm load, that’s your cue. The moment I swallow Alpha’s cum, you’ll be gulping down your own. Filling every inch of your mouth, your throat with your beta shame. That’s right, you disgusting cuck, the only one who will EVER eat your filthy loser cum is you!
I know, you’re already salivating at the thought. What are you waiting for? Buy the clip NOW, and let’s see if you can swallow as good as you drool, you pathetic beta cuckold.

File Size :684 MB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:16:24

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