Raven Hart has just started recently dating Marcello. Raven asks her date to strip out of his clothes so that she can see what he can offer her. Marcello thinks it is odd and embarrassing, but he complies with the beautiful Raven’s request. Once Raven has stripped her date naked, she examines his body, to see if he is up to par. Marcello isn’t. In fact, he’s a bit of a disaster. His body is flabby, and his penis is too small.
There isn’t too much he could offer his partner sexually, but there is one thing. Raven loves to have her body worshipped. Even though Marcello’s penis is too small to satisfy a woman, he can still get to work with his tongue. Raven allows Marcello to start by just kissing her ass over her dress. Raven encourages Marcello to bury his face deeper and deeper into her ass. When she’s ready, Raven allows Marcello to lift up her dress ever so slightly. With panties removed and her skirt now lifted, Raven tells Marcello to again bury his face in her ass.
Once his face is deep in Raven’s ass, she tells him to start licking. While Marcello is under Raven’s dress worshipping, she informs him that she has a nineteen-year-old daughter. Her daughter is her best friend, and Raven wants to bring her along next time Marcello takes her shopping. Marcello agrees to not only care for and spoil his beautiful date, Raven, but her nineteen-year-old daughter as well. Satisfied with Marcello’s answer, Raven straddles his face and rides it to a satisfying orgasm.

Femdom, Humiliation, Ass Worship, Ass Licking, Pussy Worship

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