Raquel Roper – Steamy Stormy Night Ends In Ruins

It’s been awhile since we’ve fooled around dear, hasn’t it? So busy with both of our work schedules. I figured tonight since it’s raining, storming, we could stay in and have some fun. I know you’ve been so desperate to feel me, it’s been forever since my hand has been wrapped around your cock. Teasing your tip, tormenting your shaft; showing you just how skilled I am. I bet, you wish I’d use more than just my hand, you’d do anything wouldn’t you? My tongue inches away from you… throbbing… no. None of that dear. Just my fingers, stroking, working, pumping. Speeding my movements up just for mere moments before slowing them back down. You poor thing, right on the edge, you really wish I wouldn’t play games… especially since it’s been long. Though you know me, I live for playing games. Getting you all worked up, rock hard; only to leave you in ruins.

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