Raquel Roper – Miss Roper Loves To Ruin Orgasms

There is something so satisfying, about building someone up just to break them down. Crushing dreams with a twist of my wrist and skilled taunting fingers. I’ve bound this new toy to a St. Andrew’s Cross, his throbbing cock standing at attention; yearning. My eyes can’t help but fall upon his shaft as I slowly slide my hand up towards his tip, feeling his veins bulge against my palm. My thumb stops to circle right underneath that swelling tip that threatens to leak at any moment, but when my free hand coils around the base of his cock as if mimicking a griping ring; all hope of that is lost. I love watching my toy squirm underneath my touch, the sound of labored breathing filling my ears and motivating me to pick up the pace. To send him right over the end… and then stop. Removing my hand quickly from his cock just at the moment when he believes he’s going to receive sweet releases. I truly do love, ruining orgasms; and I’m damn good at it.

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