Raquel Roper – Cum And Its Over

You were on your way to meeting up with your girlfriend and a few friends, when your car breaks down in the middle of a neighborhood. Realizing you forgot your cell phone at home to ring and let them know of your trouble, you take a stroll up towards the house you’ve found yourself stranded in front of. When you knock on the door and are greeted by a red headed woman, with bright red lips, metal platform heels & a glistening, curved corset; you feel your heart beat quicken. Of all the houses you could of broken down in front of, this is the one? She seems annoyed with you in her presence, rolling her eyes but agreeing to allow you in so you could use her phone. Your pulse grows rapid when you take a seat in her living room to find what appears to be a table with a cage underneath towards your lift, swallowing a gulp of air as your eyes flicker back to her and the cage. Who is this woman? and why is she smiling at me like that as she hands me her phone? As if she’s sharing some secret… However you are pulled from your thoughts and into a haze when suddenly you feel her grip closing in on your mouth and nose, surprised at the strength of her as you slip into darkness. When you awaken, you’re in the very cage you couldn’t keep your eyes off of, swallowing hard as you see those metal platform heels walking towards you. She kneels to your level on the floor only to taunt you, tease you, ensuring you that she plans on letting you out but that perhaps you’d find yourself scrambling for the confinement once you learn what she has in store next. Dazed, you shake yourself awake and find yourself naked, and laid out on the top of the cage. Hovering above you, those red lips twist up into a sadistic smile as she lets you in on your fate; in which she plans on making a game out of. How much do you want to leave this place? Be reunited with your friends? If you can withstand this wicked woman’s skillful touch on your cock, and not cum; she’ll let you go. However if you release, if she makes you burst, this is the end for you. How exactly will she do it? Because it seems you don’t stand a chance.

Tags: Executrixxx Fantasy, FemDom POV, Female Domination, FemDom, Handjobs

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