Raptures Fetish Playground – Interrogated by Goddess Rapture

Goddess Rapture has been tasked with extracting a secret code from her prisoner. She makes him lie on his back, then chains him to the pain rack. With her slave unable to move, Rapture begins.
Her victim is stubborn and refuses to give up the codes at first, angering Rapture. His stubbornness is met with hard face slaps from her. She whips and paddles him, hits his cock and balls, and makes him suck on a huge dildo.Rapture spits in his mouth and all over his body, wiping some up with her fingers and making him suck it off.
This punishment gains her the first 2 numbers of the code. Seeing that they’re at a stalemate, rapture decides to change her approach. Instead of pain, she decides to use pleasure. Rapture strokes his cock until he gives up another number. She then sits on his face, moves her shorts to the side, and makes him eat her pussy.
With only 2 numbers left, Rapture sits down on his cock and begins fucking him. Her prisoner cannot withstand her pussy and gives up the last 2 numbers in the hope that he can cum, but as soon as she gets them, Rapture stands up and leaves him chained to the rack.Read More

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