QGP queen goddess paige – High shine

My sweet QGP boy … only the second day of his month of chastity, and the cage is stuffed with his aching desire. My hands and bare nails move expertly over him during a cruel, convulsing tease.
He’s known all day what I was wearing — the high-cut lacy g-string covered by tight, shiny, silvery, satiny boy short briefs that make his subby little brain go absolutely haywire — and it’s an exercise in restraint on my part not to get carried away early on in the month. You know what helps keep me on my game while keeping him chaste? Never letting him out of the metal ring. That’s what showers are for, slave.
The shiny silver panties look insane with his shiny cage, my shiny key. I want him owned by the panties now so that when he’s sitting at his desk huffing them and watching the footage, staring at the stills, he has no choice but to swell and strain.
Does he want me to sit on his face in the satin? Polish his cage with my ass in them? Peel them off to shove in his mouth? Get them extra filthy for him to wear as a face mask while he strokes? Perhaps HE wants to wear them?
Could you do that for me? After I’ve tormented you in them and taken you to the absolute limit of convulsive edges … would you slide the panties on yourself and make a little wet spot in them for me? Will you dribble? Show me how bad you want me. Make a mess in my panties and THEN let me feed them to you.

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