I’m a specialized nurse in prostate check in this hospital. I’ve been doing this for a long time now, I kind of developed my own technique. I had this client today, Mr. Smith, he came into my office for a general exam. I proceeded with the basic checks, but he never had a prostate check before. So of course, it’s my duty to check his. So I had him turn around and on his knees, I activated my second camera for a nice picture in picture to see up and close what I was doing, for client file purposes only of course, then wore my latex glove and started the exam. While I was checking his prostate, I noticed that he was getting harder and harder. I was looking at his hard cock and I started to feel heat waves all over my body. So I opened up my nurse outfit blouse to let my boobs out, I was getting so hot! I then realized that he requested a fertility test in this hospital, but he didn’t get an appointment yet. I decided to be very useful, help him out, save some time and do his sperm extraction myself! Apparently my hands are pretty talented. Once extracted, I headed out to taste it. Oh!? Did I say taste, omg, this made me say things…phew! That was hot, I meant test it! 😉

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