Princess Violette – Closer To Me

I’ve lured you in. It seems to happen every time I decide to release a clip. You need it immediately. You find yourself unable to wait, you push everything else to the side so you can focus on Me uninterrupted. There’s no place you’d rather be. Today you’ll become closer to me. I’ll show you how you can be closer to me. You may know how this works already, but it’s always so sweet to be reminded and for the rules to be reinstated.
The tease of my fishnets adorning my perfect goddess figure, the sound of my magical voice, the powerful commands, the intimacy of being my financial slave — it’s deeply exciting and arousing to be at the beck and call of a perfect princess.

File Size :1.24 GB
Resolution :1920 x 1080 Matroska
Duration :00:11:26

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