Princess Miki – Ruin it Pervert

Does My outfit get you all hot and bothered? My little pink, plaid skirt… My little white tank top that shows off My perky little nipples… all complete with a pair of frilly white socks and pig tails to serve as the cherry on top.

There’s nothing like stroking to a little young brat, huh? It’s because you’re a pervert. These are your weaknesses and you can’t help but to stroke. But if you’re going to be a pervert, you’re going to play by My games.

You will stroke when I tell you to; you will stop when I tell you to. And finally, once you’re ready to bust your nasty pervert nut, you will let go, as I instruct.

Perverts don’t deserve to enjoy their orgasms, and last time I checked, you’re one nasty fucking pervert.

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