Princess Miki – Pocket Pussies for Clueless Virgins

Aww, My horny little virgin loser is back for some more verbal annihilation, huh? You love it when I rub it in your face that you’re perpetually denied of pussy, and that you will be for the rest of your life.

But today, I’m feeling rather kind, and I’ll bless you with a dose of pussy. No, not My pussy, silly virgin. You’re undeserving of even the sight of it.

I want you to get our your pocket pussy, your fleshlight — that device you own which is designed to simulate the look and feel of a vagina.

By the way, I was kidding about being kind… I want to ruin pocket pussies for you.

I want to taunt you as you shove your unwanted, undesirable, untouched virgin cock into the fake pussy that absolutely feels fake. Yes, I know what a pussy feels like, and it does not feel anything like a pussy.

There are probably times when you try to reassure yourself that being a virgin isn’t so bad when there are pocket pussies and porn. But no. You’ll never know what sex feels like, so don’t even try to imagine.

I want it to become impossible to picture yourself fucking a real vagina with your pocket pussy. I want to ruin even the imagination of sex for you. I want it to feel especially humiliating each time you hump that silicone sleeve.

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