Princess Mia – Sexual Servitude for Mia’s slave

Sexy and voluptuous Princess Mia is waiting for her boyfriend to arrive but when she determines he won’t be there for a few hours she decides to make use of her slave instead. She fits him with a mouth dildo, stuck in the cage, with his head sticking out, and makes him penetrate her while she fingers her clit to orgasm. She blindfolds him first because she doesn’t think he deserves to see her pussy unless it’s being pounded by her hung lover. He’s also already spent the entire night in that position but this the price a slave pays for such an honor. Enjoy seeing Mia in a high state of arousal, including orgasm, and then the reward after for the slave as she removes the dildo from his mouth and has him suck all her pussy juices off of it. Satisfied she gets up and leaves, leaving the slave as he is, maybe she’ll use him later after her man has filled her with a couple loads of cum.

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Resolution :1920 x 1080 MPEG-4
Duration :00:06:51

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