Princess Mia – I’m going to pull My Pants down Fart Sniffer

It’s a beautiful summer day and gorgeous Princess Mia is relaxing in the yard taking it all in. Fresh air, flowers, green grass, birds chirping… and a slave worshiping her feet. She sets her feet on her slaves face and has him lick the soles and her toes but she soon discovers that she is a bit gassy and the only thing a slave likes more than the outdoor air is the gas coming from his Goddess’s ass.Mia pulls her pants down and lays on her side, telling her slave to crawl over and get his nose between her ass cheeks. As he’s sniffing she blows a long hard fart that causes the slave to jump, lol. Not for long though as he eagerly gets his nose back into her crack and starts sniffing. Mia laughs. She wiggles her ass and farts again. “That’s nicer than the flowers isn’t it?” she asks the slave who says yes just as she lets out another one. “I might be serving you dinner before long” she says, adding “I haven’t had a good dump all day and I know I’ll feel better when I see you eating it.” Mia now wants her ass licked and just as he starts she farts again. She comments that it sounded wet. Mia flashes her tits to the camera. She asks what you would prefer, her tits or her dirty ass? She now orders her slave to wrap his lips around her asshole. It’s time. The camera scrolls up to her pretty face and she says “What a lovely summer day.”

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Duration :00:05:33

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